Frequently Asked Questions

Important Dates 

Season Box Apparel Size & 
Address Change
Billing Dates* Shipping Dates*
Spring Box Must be made before March 14th Start billing March 15th Ships May
Summer Box
Must be made before June 6
Start billing June 6 Ships July
Fall Box 
Must be made before TBD
Start billing Mid-August Ships October
Winter Box
Must be made before TBD
Start billing Mid-November Ships December

*Dates are subject to change. Subscribers will be notified of any changes.


General Questions

What's inside the Cubscription Box?

The Cubscription Box is an officially licensed subscription box service that is delivered to your door every season. Inside the box, you'll find awesome accessories and collectibles you can’t get anywhere else! Each box contains a 12-inch exclusive stuffed animal.


Who makes this box?

The Cubscription Box is built by CultureFly, an official licensee of Build-A-Bear Workshop.


How much is the subscription?

We offer a quarterly plan that is set auto-renew, so you never miss a box.

Quarterly Plan = costs $29.99* plus shipping, you will be billed a month before your box ships.

*Sales tax may be applicable


Do you offer a one-time purchase option?

Yes! Not sure if you want to sign up for a subscription right away and want to try out the box? Sign up with our trial box option so you can get the current box. You can always come back and sign up for the subscription plans so you don't miss out on future boxes. Signing up for a subscription is the better deal.


Can I give a Cubscription Box as a gift?

Yes. We offer a one-time box option that you can send to someone as a gift. This is separate from the subscription and will only ship them the current box available. To get a box set up, you can create a new account with a new username and password for the recipient. 

If you would like to gift someone a quarterly subscription, follow the same instructions stated above.

If the box does not ship on the exact date you need it by, use this gift receipt to let them know it's on the way.


Why are we asking for your apparel size?

Our boxes may contain apparel inside, so this is why we ask you for your size at sign up. We offer kids and a few adult unisex sizes.

Boxes may come with tees, long sleeves, jackets, or hoodies, so please be mindful when you choose your size.


Can I purchase a previous box?

Once a box sells out, it is no longer available to purchase on our website. That's what makes each quarter's box so exclusive!


I love a specific item in the box, but don't want the entire box. Can I purchase items individually?

Each item is made for the box it comes in and we do not sell them outside of the box. If you want that item, you will need to sign up for a box. 



What countries do you ship to?

We currently only ship to all 50 United States and Canada.


How often will I receive my Cubscription Box?

The Cubscription Box is a quarterly subscription service. You will receive a new box every season.


When will my Cubscription Box ship?

The Cubscription Box ships on a quarterly schedule, every 3-4 months. If there are any changes to this schedule, we will inform you via email.

***Please refer to the Important Dates chart above for more information.***


How much does shipping cost?

Our boxes will ship anywhere in the Contiguous United States for a flat rate of $10.00.

Shipping to Non-contiguous US territories will ship at a flat fee of $15.00.

International Customers are required to pay any relevant duties, customs, or taxes associated with their Country, as we have no control or responsibility over them. International shipping to Canada is $20.00 (USD).


Why are international shipping fees more than domestic?

International shipping fees vary from country to country. Each international box is shipped with Priority Express International Shipping and is fully insured and trackable.


Once my box ships, how long will it take to arrive?

If you are a subscriber located in the United States, you will receive a shipping notification when your box is dispatched via DHL, Fedex, or USPS along with a tracking number. At that point, your box will arrive within 3 to 7 business days. 

If you are an international subscriber (outside the US), you will receive a shipping notification when your box is dispatched via the post office along with a tracking number. At that point, your box will arrive within 5 to 10 business days. Please be aware that international packages may be delayed by customs in your country and that you are responsible for any associated import fees.

Any new subscription that comes after that quarter's box has already started shipping may take up to two weeks to ship.


Why does tracking seem to be taking longer than it should?

The boxes ship from California even though our return address is listed as New York City – where our home office is. We do that in the event your box is marked ‘return to sender,’ it comes back to our office and we can get it to its rightful home! Our boxes ship out of our main warehouse in California.


What is the difference between unfulfilled and fulfilled?

If your subscription says "Unfulfilled" on your account, this means that your order is all set, but it has not started shipping yet. When it changes to "Fulfilled," you should receive your tracking information via email.


I received my tracking link, but it hasn't moved in a while. What should I do?

We ask that you do keep an eye on your tracking, as it may update as soon as possible.

However, if your tracking link says "Pending" or your delivery date has not updated in over 10-13 business days, please reach out to our customer service at so they can take a closer look.


I still haven't received my box? Is it lost? What should I do?

If your tracking hasn't moved after 10-13 business days, email our customer service so they can help you with the next steps.



My box is being shipped to the wrong address. What should I do?

In the case that your box is going to an old address, we ask that you have mail forwarding set up. Our customer service team will assist.

If your box is going to a different address due to an error, reach out to our customer service team.

We ask to please make sure you change your address before the cut-off date in the table at the top as once your shipping label is created, we cannot update your account information for your current box. 

Our customer service team will either set you up with a replacement (depending on quantities) or a refund. Email them at for help. 



When will I be billed for a recurring subscription?

**PLEASE NOTE, YOU WILL BE CHARGED IN FULL ON INITIAL SIGNUP** At signup, you will be charged $29.99 plus shipping for the Quarterly Plan. Both plans are set to auto-renew once your initial plan has ended. 
***Please refer to the Important Dates chart above for more information***



If I subscribed to the quarterly plan, do I automatically get renewed?

Yes, you will automatically be renewed.



What currency will I be charged in?

All orders are processed in U.S. dollars.



What payments do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.



Account Questions

How do I change my shipping address?

To update your billing and shipping address, log in with the My Account Icon > click on Manage Subscriptions > Select Edit on your current subscription and you will be able to update your billing and shipping addresses. 

Please make sure you change your address before the cut-off date as once your shipping label is created, we cannot update your account information for your current box.
***Please refer to the Important Dates chart above for more information.*** 


How do I update my payment information?

In order to change your Credit Card info, log into your account, click Manage All Other Subscriptions > under Billing, click on Edit.


How do I change my apparel size?

To change your apparel size, log in, click on My Account > then Manage All Other Subscriptions > select Edit on your current subscription > click Change Product Size

Please make sure you change your apparel size before the cut-off date as once your shipping label is created, we cannot update the apparel size for your current box.
***Please refer to the Important Dates chart above for more information.***


How do I cancel my subscription?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you have to cancel your subscription click on the My Account Icon > click on Manage All Other Subscriptions > under Status, click Edit next to the Active option > Switch to Inactive.

This does not mean your current order is canceledYour account is now inactive, so you will not be renewed for future boxes in your subscription. If you would like for your current box order to be officially canceled, please email

Quarterly Plans can be canceled between seasons, as long as the shipping label for your next box hasn’t been created.


Exchanges and Returns

An item was broken or damaged in my Cubscription box. What should I do?

Any damages, refunds, or replacement requests must be requested within 30 days of receiving your shipment. Due to inventory changes, we do not guarantee that all requests will be accommodated as requested. Once processed, you will be asked to verify your shipping address and you will receive new tracking information.

We do not offer refunds or replacements for items that have been used, washed or tampered with.

As a mystery style subscription, we do not offer returns, refunds or credits for the dissatisfaction of subscription contents.

You may reach out to our customer service attaching photos or videos of your damaged product in an email with the full name and email associated with the account.

We will be able to replace the item/s unless the item is not in stock, then we will offer a refund for the damaged item.

Please do take note that waiting for a replacement can take up to 8 weeks.

Send an email with a picture of the damaged item to:

If, for any reason, a full return of the box is approved, the box will need to be returned to us unopened and in the original shrink-wrap.


How long do returns take to process?

Returns take 3-5 business days to be processed.


How long does it take for a refund to process?

If you are receiving a refund through your bank, it should take 7-10 business days for it to process.

We may have to refund you through a PayPal account or store credit via a gift card/discount. *The reason why we offer these as ways to refund you is due to the timeframe since you last made your order.

If you are receiving a refund through PayPal, it should take 5-7 business days for it to process.


I received the wrong apparel size. What should I do?

Depending on apparel availability, our customer service team will be able to help. Please send an email to

Please note: We are not responsible for the payment of the return shipping. However, if you are exchanging an item for another one, the new item will be shipped back to you for free. If the item doesn’t fit and you would prefer a refund we will credit you back on the card you used for the purchase. However shipping costs will not be refunded.


My shipping box is dented or damaged. What should I do?

We put a lot of thought into designing our boxes to make sure they are visually appealing. Please keep in mind the box is primarily for shipping and is designed to protect what’s inside. We do not offer replacements for any damaged box.